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Technology and Materials

SeamlessDry technology,
High-Compression, Antimicrobial fiber treatment, UV50 + protection, thermal insulation (»WARM« fibers, NILIT®-Breeze/Heat/Innergy), EMANA® (by Rhodia), Polyamide 6.6, … are just some of the characteristics and materials that make our products different.


 Material & Technology description:



Developed with the most modern SeamlessDry technology to reduce irritation due to chafing, to move smoothly against your skin and increased ventilation in the critical areas of sweating. Wicks sweat away from the skin and gives you an extra feeling of comfort and dry skin for ultimate thermal comfort.

 High Compression

Product developed with different levels of compression. Improves posture, stabilize and support the muscles for a locked-in feeling.


High-Tech 6.6 Polyamide yarn

 It is the new generation of intelligent Polyamide 6.6. yarn by Rhodia.

Through incorporated bioactive minerals converts human body heat in benefits like thermoregulation and improvement of microcirculation. It improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and contributes for a quick muscle recovery.


 Protection against UVA in UVB solar radiation.

 Thermal Insulation

Special yarn maintains body temperature and insulate the body heat with outside temperature.

 Water Repellent

 Special hydro-phobic treatment which prevents the absorption of moisture and water into the textile.


 Product with biodegradable polyamid yarn, which reduces the bio-degradation time of the parts to less than three years.


 Product with Permetrin which is used as mosquito repellent. The Permetrin (C21H20Cl2O3) is used as repellent also in products for humans, it is therefore not recommended for pregnant women and children younger than 3 years of age.

Laboratory studies proved high efficiency of such products up to 40 washes, after 40 washes a decrease of efficency can be verified.

To mantain the optimal efficiency of the item, use neutral soap, no softeners and wash on max 30° C.

Not indicated for children younger than 3 years of age.

 Air-Texturized yarn

Feel and appearance of cotton with the resistance and characteristics of polyamide.

 Reflective Material

 Application of special materials that reflects in the dark allowing to practice sports activities safe also at night.


Special high-tech hygiene treatment of the material prevents the spread of microorganisms that cause bacteria and odor.

Nilit Breeze

High performance fiber that provides extreme resistance, ideal support, flexibility and softness to the finished product.

The use of this special yarn results in soft touch, greater ventilation and freshness.

Nilit Innergy

The fibers known under the name "Microfibra" (Polyamide 6.6) with the properties of Infra-Red rays. The mineral fiber additive converts body heat into infra-red waves. This stimulates the subcutaneous tissue, returns energy, and improves micro circulation. Nilit Innergy features a soft feeling on the skin and is easy to maintain.


Developed with nanotechnology, adding carbonized peels of coffee beans achieving exceptionally effective body heat retention even at extremely low outdoor temperatures. Thermal insulation is even more effective if we use Nilit-Heat products as "second skin" or as so called »active underwear«. Wicks sweat away from the skin and gives you an extra feeling of comfort and dry skin. The fabric prevents the development of micro-organisms that cause unpleasant odor. Very suitable for cold conditions.

Amni UV Protection

The fabric offers the highest protection against the harmful effects of UV-A and UV-B sunlight.

 Amni Soul Eco

The first bio-degradable polyamide fibers in the world. They are characterized by their durability, elasticity, soft touch and endurance, while at the same time they allow full bio-degradability after three years when the product is discarded.

 Lycra Extra Life

Lycra Extra Life has as much as 10 times more resistance to chlorine, sea salt and sunscreens oils than conventional lycra.