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Women's accessories can be defined as items that complement or enhance a woman's outfit or lifestyle. This category includes a range of products such as sports bags, sunglasses, and travel socks.

Sports bags are designed to help women carry their sports gear and equipment with ease. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on the type of sport and personal preferences. 

Sunglasses are a popular accessory for women, not only for their practical purpose of protecting the eyes from the sun's harmful rays but also for their style and fashion. Sunglasses come in various styles, shapes, and colors, with different lens types and coatings to enhance vision.

Travel socks are specially designed to provide comfort and support for women during long flights or journeys. They are made of breathable and moisture-wicking materials, also to reduce swelling. Travel socks come in different sizes and colors.

Overall, women's accessories provide practical and stylish solutions for different needs and occasions, allowing women to express their individuality and enhance their personal style.



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