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Tanja Želj Zupančič & Corpocabana

Tanja Želj Zupančič & Corpocabana

Tanja Želj Zupančič, is a Univ. B.Sc. physical education teacher, a mother at heart, and a passionate ambassador of self-wearing socks at 80. 😉 For herself and for all of us, she wishes that at 80 we will be able to do this without major problems and then we will just sharpen our form.

Tanja Želj Zupančič is not only a top expert in her field but also an excellent motivator. She will be able to show you in the right way how your life can be better, more active, more dynamic, and balanced, and above all how you can still put on your socks independently in your 80s.

So, if you are still a long way from 80 and already have problems with putting on socks independently and standing up… then you have to visit Tanja’s page, follow her advice, and read carefully all the content on her web page.