Rich nature, exceptional atmosphere, the colorful bustle of the city, natural, tectonic diversity, tourist attractions, music at every step, beaches and lagoons, colorful city center, which is mixed with concrete and glass skyscrapers, … but above all the dynamics and style of people, their happiness and playfulness, countless skin tones and extraordinary mixture of races … and of course, the positive energy of everything that surrounded us.

At Copacabana, which does not need a special presentation, we were flirting with the sea, heated sand, Bossa Nova rhythms, … not to talk about the sunsets. When soft and warm light escorts the city not to sleep, but to a great nightlife. Besides all this, we were literally amazed by the fact how many people exercises and play different sports on the beach and not only. Specifically, we became wary of sportswear that they wear, because they were special, different, sometimes daring but always sufficiently discreet and elegant. We wish them closer … at home and also offer this wonderful variety to our market.

And so it began.

Exploring shops and the market, establishing contacts with producers, the selection of models … appointments, meetings, learning about the production and materials. Good thing we had our cousin Fernanda. She has been so helpful.

And now here we are. Offering models made with superior manufacturing technology, excellent materials and slightly different designs … with all of this, a piece of Brazil, a dash of Latin American joy, a pinch of sex-appeal; solar, daring as well as classic patterns …

Models offered in Corpocabana web-store are carefully selected from leading manufacturers in South America.

The selected products aimed are intended for people in a wide age group: from 15 to 60 y.o.  Corpocabana is for people who pay attention to themselves, who pay attention to details but not necessarily. Intended for people who attract also some attention … but at any moment can and want to pay attention to others. Designed for people who take advantage of the day not only for themselves but also for others. For people who eat a very healthy “sheik” in the morning after a workout, but on the same day drinking a glass of good wine listening to good ambient music. People who want to mingle but still have no problems to spend the evening with themselves. People who are often at home in sweats, but this is not the norm.

Corpocabana therefore means sports dynamism, unburdened elegance, style and “joie de vivre”.